150gpm @45psi 460/3/60

General Details

Buy Grundfos  Hydro Multi-B 2 CME10-3 – Duplex VFD System 460/3/60, 150 GPM @ 110 ft boost

Hydro Multi-B 2 CME10 – 3 Grundfos BoosterpaQ Duplex Domestic Variable Speed
Booster System 5HP each motor,
Total capacity of 150 GPM @ 110 ft boost pressure (see curve),
460-3-60. NSF approved.
Factory assembled and tested booster system consisting of:
2 CME10-3 5HP Grundfos Stainless Steel Multistage Variable Speed Pumps 75gpm@110psi boost
2.5” NPT Suction manifold and discharge manifold made of 316 stainless
steel 125#. Base frame made of 304 stainless steel. One non-return valve (check valve), and two isolating valves for each pump.
Adapter with isolating valve for connection of hydro-pneumatic tank.
Pressure gauge on suction and discharge manifolds.
Pressure transducer on suction/discharge manifolds.
1 UL Listed NEMA 3R enclosure steel control panel including main disconnect
switch, all required fuses, motor protection, switching equipment, E/N Switches,
Service Disconnect Switches, Surge Protection, Pump Run Lights Alarm Circuit
and microprocessor-controlled CU 323.

tax/freight/startup and tank are not included

 call us for details and technical assistance 1-800-827-46-07


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